It’s simple. Good work comes from doing what you love.

Formed after many years of studying design and working in production letterpress, I’ve opened my own studio in Portland, Oregon. My work is a blend of my love for letterpress, typography, paper, ink and thoughtful design. All my work is handcrafted and designed specifically for each client using soy inks and paper that is handmade, recycled or pure cotton.

Palindrome is seeking…

to work with you, your design or advertising agency, retail store, or your business for design-sensitive projects–your design or mine.

Letterpress is a centuries-old relief printing process in which each piece of paper is hand-fed into the press. The raised surface of the plate is inked and pressed into the paper transferring the image and creating an impression. It has a very romantic old-world feel that I have fallen for and hope you appreciate too.

Open by appointment only

2505 Southeast 11th Avenue, no. 256 Portland, Oregon 97202