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Movable Kitchen Islands: Best Solution For Small Kitchen

Having guests inside your kitchen will make you to create some attractive view for them, and regarding to the issue, Kitchen Island is the best way to go. This island can have several functions which will make your kitchen even more maximized. Besides the function, Kitchen Island also has the look of your kitchen. With so many styles and colors we can choose for the kitchen island. Commonly an island will be placed at the center of the kitchen, but sometimes it will bring you some trouble as well. For example, if you want to re-do your kitchen and you need spacious space for getting the work done.

Among many kitchen islands’ styles, the movable kitchen island may be one of the fresh design. As it’s named, this kitchen island can be moved according to your needs. So by the time, you will use the area where the island placed, all you need to do is just to push it away to another part of the kitchen. How can this island be moved? It is because the island has been added with rollers and these rollers will make the island being able to be moved. You can simply buy from manufacturers or be making it by yourself.

If you choose to make it by yourself, then it will surely cut the cost of your kitchen island project. Moreover, you can explore your deepest desire on the color composition and also mix matching them. It will be better for you to get the chemistry by doing the project all by yourself. So the point is, by choosing this movable kitchen island, you will find it very attractive since it’s beautiful. The movable kitchen island also gives a big help when it’s dealing with the kitchen-remodeled project.

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Selecting Asian Furniture Hardware

One way to create a dramatic change when redecorating a space is to change the hardware on the cabinets or furniture. This simple home decorating project can be completed within 1 afternoon and create a dramatic effect on your space. If you are trying to obtain an Asian design for your space, consider changing the existing hardware to an Asian design.

The Asian hardware is ornate in nature. In many cases, the hardware is made of brass or steel. Oriental furniture is traditionally intricate and the hardware used provides embellishments. These pieces are also frequently engraved or contain jewels. There are numerous options available both online or in stores for Asian inspired furniture hardware. A little research can provide valuable information and assure that you select Asian furniture hardware to meet your needs.

When looking for Asian furniture hardware online, you are able to access many available options. Several sites offer many different pieces of Asian inspired furniture hardware and have pictures and descriptions, measurements and reviews that allow you to compare products. Because the world is connected to the Internet, you are able to find hardware directly from Asia and created from Asian artisans. However, you must be really careful with your measurements to get hardware that will fit your existing cabinets. If your measurements are imprecise, then you may have to find other hardware or drill new holes into the existing doors.

Purchasing Asian furniture hardware in a store offers several benefits. First, you can see and hold the hardware. You can determine the quality and construction of the hardware before you buy it. You can also speak to an associate and ask any questions you may have. The associates are trained to make recommendations and have invaluable product knowledge. Finally, associates are also able to show you products currently in other stores or available through special orders. The company typically guarantees delivery and quality of the items and you are able to return the items if they do not work when you take them home.

Before going to the hardware store, use a screwdriver to remove one piece of the chosen hardware and take it with you. This is one step that is frequently overlooked. By taking the current hardware to the store, you can guarantee that the holes on the furniture will support your new hardware. Consider the color and materials used in your furniture when selecting the hardware. Select complementary or contrasting hardware to create your Asian inspired space.

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Amazing Color For Your Kitchen Classics Cabinets Design

kitchen cabinets

When talking about kitchen cabinets, there are many styles that homeowners can choose. Those styles are all good, depending on homeowners’ preferences and taste. Nowadays, I can say that the modern style is the most favorite style that homeowners commonly choose. But actually, there are also people who like something classic or vintage. So if you are one of those people who are in love with the classic style, and wants to make your kitchen looks classic and vintage, the first part of your kitchen which must be handled is the cabinetry. Yes, kitchen cabinets have the main role in determining a kitchen’s look and theme. So, transforming your kitchen cabinets to the kitchen classic cabinets is the most effective way I may say.

What should we do then to realize that plan? First, classic/ vintage look is all about “worn-out” look. Yes, something classic means that thing has been around used for years but still in good condition and has a high historical value. So, when you have old kitchen cabinets which are still in good conditions, then do not throw them into the junkyard, since they are the strongest candidate for your kitchen classic cabinets project.

Just find out which parts those need to be re-faced/ renewed. Since the cabinets are old/ have been around for years, there’s a little possibility they are still in perfect condition. There must be a part that needs to be fixed/ replaced/ repainted. But that’s OK by the way, and the cost will not be more expensive than buying the whole new kitchen cabinet sets. After you have done dealing with the parts that need to be replaced, then you can start to estimate whether the color of your classic cabinets is still in good condition or not. If the cabinets need to be repainted then do that.

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Make The Most Of Your Space With Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Not all of us can have the large gourmet kitchens that you see on TV in our homes. The truth of the matter is that most kitchens are relatively small. The only way to change that is to do a complete remodel and remove some walls or steal space from another room. This can be very expensive and time-consuming. While your kitchen is under construction more than likely you will be eating microwave meals in your living room. Most of us don’t have the finances or the time to redo our space. We must make the most of what we have or only do a partial renovation.

Thankfully, there are small kitchen design ideas you can use to help your kitchen look bigger without breaking out the sledge hammers and having your way with the wall you decided was in your way. There are five ways you can help your kitchen make the most of the space it has. You can improve the look, feel, and use of your kitchen by taking advantage of wasted space, updating your lighting, finding ways to let in natural light, reduce the bulkiness of your cabinets, and have a consistent color scheme.

The best small kitchen designs always include making the most of the space you have. The counter-top should be free from as many appliances and other items as possible so you have ample prep space when cooking. A great way to keep items off of your counter is to take advantage of your back-splash, the space of the wall that is exposed beneath the cabinets and above the counter-top, to hold items that you use the most often in your space.

For example, mounting a magnetic strip on the wall that you use to display your cooking knifes will keep them readily available for use and free up space on your counter-top. Another idea if you have a bank of cabinets above a counter that run the entire length of a short wall is to string a heavy wire from end to end and use it to hold notes, recipes, and useful utensils. It will keep the clutter from your counter and allow you easy access to the things you use the most when cooking. If there is dead space between the door and the shelves inside your lower cabinet use the back of the doors for storage. This is a great place to lids the lids for your pots and pans, the lids for your food storage containers and even a spice rack.

Incorporate glass into your small kitchen design layout by trading any solid wooden doors that lead into or out of your house with French doors. The glass panels in the doors will allow natural light to travel into your kitchen where it might not have been able to before. Make the use of the windows that you have and keep the blinds up and curtains open when you’re in your kitchen. Consider removing the solid panel upper cabinet doors and replacing them with glass to allow even more natural light to move around the space.

Update your lighting scheme to include under cabinet lighting, upper cabinet lighting, ceiling lights and even pendants over the sink. The more ways you can introduce light into your small kitchen design the more spacious the room will seem. Without proper lighting the walls will seem like they are closing in on you. Tricking your eye and brain with these techniques will help you feel more comfortable in a small space.

When you use smart small kitchen ideas to make the most of your space you will be rewarded with a light and airy room that feels comfortable and larger than it really is. Make the most of every available inch of space to make your kitchen more efficient. Soon you will rediscover that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

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Arched Window Treatments To Decorate Your Room

arched windows

The beauty and elegance of arched windows should be completed with a window treatment. This is because an arched window only is not enough to give a maximum decorative look to your home. Arched window treatments are available to give you an opportunity to decorate your room. You don’t need to confuse what should be used since the options are varied.

The special window treatment for arched windows is swags. So, this can be the best option if you are looking for the right arched window treatments. You can install it to just lightly skim across the upper trim of the arch window. After that, you can use a drape that will hang nicely from the swag to create natural shape and curve of the arch window. If you want to have more privacy, you can choose a sheer fabric curtain that will cover the lower glass section of the window. You can also use curtain to decorate an arched window.

You can use dark metal curtain rods and hang a curtain and drapery panels on the curved rods. This will help you create a vertical line to add the sense of height in the arched window. It is also a good way to create a longer arched window impression. The curtain used should be long to make the arch window the focal point of the room. You can also hang a curtain up to the arch and leave the top of the arch bare. Blind can be another window treatment that can be installed in your arch window.

This will help you control the amount of lights that will enter your room. If your window is long and narrow, you need to use horizontal blinds, bur if your window is wide, you can use vertical windows. So, there are some arched window treatments you can use to decorate your arch window and maximize the look of your window.

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Creating Shabby Chic Window Treatments

The shabby chic style has taken the world by storm.  It’s romantic sensibilities and cottage setting create a light and airy vibe.  Shabby chic window treatments bring a room together by spreading a specific color or pattern throughout the room.  In this way, the window treatments provide a foundation for the room as accessories and furniture become linked to the tone established in the window treatments.   Here are some pointers for creating a shabby chic window treatments:

  • The shabby chic style is filled with translucent patterns, light colors, distressed furniture, and vintage furniture pieces.  The style also allows natural light to fill the space.  Keeping these two goals in mind, consider using sheer fabrics, faded patterns, and antique fabrics or fabrics that look aged.
  • You can create several designs for shabby chic window treatments. The shabby chic style highlights architectural features in a room.  Create a window box or ballast to create architectural interest in the room and to highlight the window.
  • Create long curtains that puddle on the floor.  Simply measure the height of the top of the window and purchase or make curtains that are longer than this height.  This extends the wall and makes the window become a focal point.
  • Enhance the lighting of your space by hanging your curtain rod at a lower height and hang it in front of the window.  For example, have the upper half of the window exposed to allow in the natural light.  Combined with natural and sheer fabric, the room will experience a tremendous amount of natural light in the room.
  • Drape vintage fabrics from the curtain rods to create interest.  Different types of fabric can be used to create a window treatment.  For example, flags, scarves, lace or any other light and airy fabric can be used to create interest and focus in your space.
  • Shutters are also an interesting idea to use with shabby chic window treatments.  Paint and distress the shutters before attaching.  Then attach your shutters with hinges to the inside of the window.  Leave the top half of the window open to allow natural light to fill the room while still maintaining your privacy.
  • Use unusual objects and materials to create a unique shabby chic window treatment.  Dish towels, flour sacks, vintage lace and satin, can offer unique choices to create a space that is truly reflective of you.  Precious items can be showcased through your window treatments and offer a unique look that you can enjoy for years to come.